A San Diego Lifestyle Photographer, Kim Kelly lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband and two children. Specializing in Food Photography and Styling, Kim writes the food blog Liv Life ( where she writes about her love of food, photography and travel.

    Kim’s Dad started her on her photography path with the gift of her first camera. Heading out on a European adventure at the age of 16 she picked up the camera and it’s hardly left her side since.

    Landscapes became an immediate favorite subject quickly followed by macros of flowers which eventually evolved to food. With two kids in school, Kim has been lucky to be a part of her children's activities and has shot soccer, football, surf, school events and is now enjoying shooting from the perspective of Dance Mom. Kim’s husband indulges her photography passion and patiently stops at every “Oh! I have to get a shot of that!” moment as they travel through life together.

    Life is Good... Liv Life